The Strategic Committee for the Restoration of Soil Fertility

We foster synergy among businesses, science, education, and state authorities to restore soil fertility!


Our mission


To halt soil degradation and restore the fertility of Ukrainian lands through the active engagement of all stakeholders in the following activities:

  • Implementation of technologies for soil fertility restoration

  • Education on solving the issues related to soil degradation

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    Synergy of business, science, education, and state authorities

  • Encouraging a patriotic and civic stance


Soil degradation is a global problem. The planet loses 24 billion tons of fertile land annually, affecting more than 3 billion people. There is a risk that by 2050, 95% of the Earth's surface will be degraded soils.
Over the past 130 years, Ukrainian soils have already lost about 30% of their humus, and plowing reached 53%, one of the world's highest. In 2021, 51% of surveyed farmers observed soil degradation processes in their fields.
These are complex and severe issues. However, another crucial challenge appeared for Ukrainian lands on February 24, 2022.
The war inflicts an irreparable blow on the soil. Each explosion means inevitable soil pollution. Every shell attack leads to the instant destruction of the upper fertile layer of the ground, which has been formed for centuries. And the content of heavy metals after explosions exceeds the background values in some places by 30 times. It makes the land unsuitable for further agricultural use.Thus, soil restoration is a primary and challenging task.
The Strategic Committee for the Restoration of Soil Fertility serves as a platform for developing practical strategies to bring about positive changes in agricultural land use. We strive to form a conscious attitude toward soils as a valuable and irreplaceable resource, promote the rational use of their properties, share expertise, and help to find solutions.


We are collaborating with research institutions to explore methods of reducing agrochemical and pesticide loads.


We are initiating the creation of support programs for activities at the state level, which are aimed at organizing soil regeneration processes and forming a loyal policy in this area.


We are promoting the adoption of resource-saving and ecologically appropriate methods of soil cultivation in agribusiness.


We support educational initiatives that contribute to the restoration of soil fertility.



Save the Ukrainian land: how the war affects the state of the soil and what awaits organic production

In recent years, Ukrainian farmers have begun to implement organic production actively.


The legal regulation of soil health should be uniform across Europe

Ukraine is working on programs and strategies that enable accession to the EU in the field of soil protection.


The experience of restoring soil fertility of "Ukrprominvest-Agro" LLC

How to restore the soil? Why does the productivity and quality of products fall in used technological maps?

Board of the Committee


Union of Producers of certified organic products


Ukrainian manufacturer of microbial biologicals for agriculture

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    • Viktoriya Kuzmich, coordinator of the Committee for Revival of Soil Fertility

    • For cooperation inquiries 

    • Viktoriya Kuzmich, coordinator of the Committee for Revival of Soil Fertility